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Joanna Alexis

Joanna Alexis

Founder, CEO, Business Technologist

The closer you are to the mission requirements, the closer you are to the solution.

In 1999, Joanna Alexis was working on the front lines of the Y2K deadline frenzy. Global governments and private entities alike were racing against a potential threat – the clock. At midnight on January 1, 2000, would untold legacy systems cease to work? It was an exciting time to be in the computer industry. Joanna successfully guided a team where she was working through its Y2K fire drill. She emerged with an idea of how companies could and should respond to future technology threats. Her vision was for a company that provided expert support and creative thinkers who would use technology to support business growth. That vision became Navstar.

In the company’s early years, Joanna proved that her business offerings were valued and the company grew. Navstar, like all industries in the nation was hit by the recession. “I watched other technology companies reach for any contract they could during the recession to keep their employees on the payroll and stay afloat. I had a similar mentality. It was like running backwards on a treadmill. My vision was to help companies respond to threats using technology as a tool. The reality was that technology itself was becoming a threat.”

Navstar’s strengths were in staying a step ahead of technology changes, recruiting talent with vision and passion, and applying its skills on behalf of its clients. “I wanted Navstar to have a purpose and a focus. I took a chance and entered the government contracting industry.”

By building strategic alliance with technology, commercial partners, and large government contractors, Alexis made a successful market pivot into the intelligence community (IC). In 2014, Navstar graduated from a trusted sub-prime technology partner into a prime contractor winning awards at multiple government agencies.

Today, Navstar is a leading supporter of technology solutions, providing cyber security, big data analytics, data mining, systems engineering, learning, and management solutions. Navstar works with its partners to service the specific needs of their clients and also works directly with federal agencies under the GSA IT 70 Schedule.

Navstar has grown from Joanna’s original vision to a company with a hundred employees. Under her leadership, the company has developed an agile data analytics solution that is being called a game changer. The company has been positioned for growth with a reorganization from one to four business units.

Her executive staff and board of advisors share her vision and have the industry background and insight to see Navstar to its next goal to continue its development of a 100M qualified pipeline, and to build and support a professional staff capable of bidding on more than 25 proposals a year in the core markets of the Intelligence Community, Financial Crimes and Law Enforcement. 

Beth Schiebler

Beth Schiebler

Vice President
Federal Partner Solutions

In 2010, Beth Schiebler joined Navstar in an account management role and has since moved onto the executive team and promoted to Vice President with overall responsibility for business development, teaming strategy, contract execution, and successful delivery of Navstar’s solutions and services.

With more than 30-years of IT consulting services experience, Beth continuously looks for ways to improve the quality of Navstar’s solutions and services while also creating a work-life balance for employees. She has spent countless hours creating and maintaining strong, long-term relationships with employees, industry partners and government customers. Beth is passionate about building a dynamic team with a focus on mission to efficiently and effectively collaborate with customers on finding solutions to challenging problems.

Beth’s experience includes working in both the public and private sectors in the areas of operations management, business development, service delivery, product development, and recruiting. She has played an integral role building experienced delivery teams, developing repeatable solutions, and launching software products.

Prior to joining Navstar, Beth successfully owned and operated an IT consulting company focused on data management and business intelligence in the commercial sector.

When Beth isn’t at work, she is likely spending some quality time with her husband and two children. She also loves to stay active, you can catch her working out with her personal trainer, in a Pilates class, or hiking a local trail, several times a week.