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Navstar Cyber security team worked with a National Security customer to build a full-lifecycle risk management approach to key intelligence systems. The approach significantly reduced the re-accreditation time, saving the development team time and money by avoiding costly rework.

No private company, non-profit, tech giant, or sovereign government is immune to hacking. The news headlines say it all.

An organization’s data, no matter if the organization’s mission is public or private, is valuable. Securing these holdings is critical to preserving worth.

Nowhere is this truer than the National Security market. Trusted with the country’s most sensitive data, the National Security market has to formally manage its cyber risks. Navstar’s Cyber experts are first and foremost IT experts. With our experience in vulnerability scanning and penetration testing of systems and infrastructures, we understand the technologies, vulnerabilities, and forces working to break them.

In addition, we taking pride in understanding and carrying out our client’s visions and goals. We implement in accordance with the NIST’s Risk Management Framework (RMF) and the IC-specific ICD-503. We guide our customers through categorization and selection, documenting the risks and mitigations.

Our goal is to stay ahead of hackers and to ensure our clients are secured and prepared for whatever or wherever the next threat originates.