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Agencies within the National Security market require highly-specialized skills. Even employees with advanced degrees within national security disciplines have to adopt to the processes and procedures within agencies as well as learn to leverage the institutional knowledge within their walls. To address this need, agencies operate internal “schools” to train their employees. These schools, just like modern universities, need to automate to address increasing student bodies with diverse needs and learning styles.

Navstar combines our software development, infrastructure engineering, and data management skills with curriculum developers and instructional assistants to offer turn-key learning management solutions to agencies’ internal universities. Navstar’s associates built web-based, video-based, and teleconference-based distance learning solutions leveraging our web development, database management, video production, and network engineering skills. Where needed, Navstar has supplied Instructors for in-person (instructor-led) training in addition to web-based training. For example, Navstar, in developing a solution for the Director of an IC agency, produced “highly praised” product in hours compared to the five-seven days the solution had taken previously. The reduction in time was precious to the time-constrained Director.