Our Foundation Built from Core Values: Collaboration


A team is only as strong as its weakest link, and at Navstar, we understand that every team member brings a unique perspective to their projects. Collaboration is one of our five core values, because a team is greater than the sum of its parts.

For great collaboration, Navstar asks all of its employees to:

-Place goals of team ahead of individual accolades
-Pitch in when needed
-Recognize everyone’s individual strengths and capitalize on same
-Know your own limitations and ask for guidance when needed
-Maintain respectful relationships with others

By focusing on these five principles, every voice is heard and our teams can accomplish greater things than just one person alone. This means that we deliver results to our employees that are well thought out, and solutions that reflect the talents of our entire team.

We understand that every employee is unique. At Navstar, you can have a great career that leaves you feeling accomplished every single day, because your voice is heard and you have the opportunity to collaborate with other talented individuals. You’ll push each other to get the most out of every project, and you’ll hone your skills as you continue to reach higher. To join our team and become part of our foundation, visit our jobs list and find the perfect career for you.