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The Future of Web 2.0 and Social Media

Recently I was asked, among other leaders in the Social Media space about my predictions for 2010 in Social Media for a piece on ZDNet. I took to the task with a spin on Government 2.0 and Enterprise 2.0 as my personal loves within the use of Social Media.

Now, having more time to think about predictions in Social Media and Web 2.0 I have a few additional ideas on what the future might bring in the next year. I also asked some of our Navstar employees to give me their predictions, in which they will be posting throughout the remaining weeks left in this year. I have expanded on a few ideas myself to get things started.

Web 2.0

  • Google Social Search will be used to make more informed decision. Feels like this is another shot back in the war between the search engines in the previous strike by Microsoft’s Bing.

Social Media

  • Twitter will still be a strong contender, with the launch of twitter lists recently, users are now able to organize their followers by ideas, location, and other niche groups. This conversation will lead rise to organizations having conversations in public with each other for more transparency.
  • Google Wave will continue to be in beta as it has yet to define itself or be completely understood by those who are currently waving. It may take years to fully develop Wave to its potential. If Google Wave had been our original email solution offered by Google years ago, we could be using it in place of many other email forms, including Outlook.

Enterprise 2.0

  • I believe 2010 will have great strides for the Enterprise 2.0 revolution in organizations. This revolution will mean more grassroots movements by employees to adopt methodologies to collaborate across the dispersed workforce.
  • Sharepoint will have some big contenders in 2010 with Jive’s Clearspace and Social Text as cheaper options with more flexibility. Small businesses will take advantage of the “free” versions of Enterprise 2.0 tools, but only if they allow a Community Manager for the Intranet to be a full time position to foster the growth.

Government 2.0

  • The Federal CIO and CTO will start leading more with actual Federal policies in place that encourage data sharing, collaboration between agencies, and greener IT.
  • Washington will continue to embrace new ideas from Silicon Valley, but the DC Metro area will be thriving with innovation that will be showcased in the Spring Government 2.0 expo. This boom will continue to fuel the change for an open and transparent Government.


What are some of your predictions for 2010?