Today’s Milestone: Navstar’s 18th Birthday

From our CEO, Joanna Alexis, thanking our wonderful team members:

Good Afternoon, Allstars!

I am proud to announce that today, April 12th, marks Navstar’s 18th year in business! As we approach another milestone anniversary, I wanted to thank each of you for being  part of our Allstar Team and share with you the foundation of our success and why this sets us apart from our competition.

Each day, we operate with a constant and deliberate commitment to our Core Values of Integrity, Customer Focus, Creativity, Excellence, and Collaboration.  I have been a part of companies that lack these values and personally experienced the negative impact a poor culture and lack of ethics have on employees.  As I launched Navstar, it was important for me to build a company where each of the Allstars selected as part of this team could be inspired and thrive by pursuing their passion in a positive working environment.  I believe a company’s culture and their values are the key to creating a positive working environment.


In honor of Navstar’s 18th year in business, I’d like to share with you the behaviors that align with our Core Values – this is how our values show up in a day to day capacity.


I am so proud of the work we do for our customers and even prouder of our Allstars, so want to thank you for all your hard work to Navstar and for your personal commitment to our Core Values. I’m very much looking forward to our continued success together.